Succulent and Cactus planting workshop: July 5th Thyme and Place, Salt Lake City, UT


March 16   –Thyme and Place, Salt Lake City, UT

Air Plants Demonstration and Book Signing 11:00am-12:45


December 15-Tartine Bakery

Exhibition of Current Paintings

This series represents a study of fissures in Utah Sandstone and a minimal way of life existing and looking at rock



Oct 14th

Laguna Beach Garden Club

I will be discussing how to grow Tillandsias outdoors in Southern California’s warm coastal climate and the perfect partnership between succulents and soil-less friends…


Sept 1st

Francis Wood Garden Club-2pm



I will be giving a presentation on “Keeping On with the Old, In with the New” How to maintain some of our cherished hard-to-let-go-of plants in our landscapes, those slightly more water needy or sentimental keepers that might be mundane or traditional yet still incorporate succulents and other drought tolerant plants successfully and beautifully.  It can be quite the challenge to marry the two looks if you’ve got plants on different ends of the spectrum in terms of water and aesthetic appeal. My focus will be on exceptional transitional plants for the middle ground- specific plants that help us bridge those awkward gaps between our wet and our dry gardens, so that you will have success both below the ground in the soil and above the ground in your design.

Book Signing and brief air plant demo.

past events..

May 15-Futrue Perfect

Opening 6-9

future perfect front







Feb 4 2015-San Francisco Public Library-Valentine Workshop with Air Plants “Making Living Valentines”








Dec 2014 Mrs. Dalloways Bookstore, Berkeley-Wreath-making workshop with Air Plants

wreath blue cedar









November 2014 Bromelaid Society Meeting-A

Air Plants book release and how to incorporate design with cultivation


2013 Designing with Tillandsias-San Francisco Bromeliad Society


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